4 In 1 Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner

KSh 4,800.00

High-power wet and dry aspirator pressure pneumatic lighting.

Power: 120w

Voltage: 12v

Dimension: 34*11*14cm weight: 1.3kg (weightier than other same model)

Cleaner type: hand-held vacuum

Degree: 3500pa

Color: gold & silver


☑️ Transparent removable front cover, equipped with special filters to facilitate regular cleaning; with transparent storage warehouse, can be adsorbed water storage.

☑️ 4 in 1 portable car vacuum cleaner is equipped with special corner adsorption flat head, which can absorb dust and strong suction corner.

☑️ 4-in-1 portable car vacuum cleaner power cord length: 300 cm. Ordinary cigarette lighter extremely lightweight, easy to carry.
Power cable size: 420cm power supply: dc-12v rated power: inflation 60w/ vacuum 100w function: lighting, vacuum, inflation, tire pressure accessories: a host, 4 parts, a cigarette lighter product material: abs plastic, pp plastic, frequency conversion motor, hepa filter dust removal effect: 95%

☑️ Cannot pull the power cord when moving the appliance, easily damaged electrical appliances; during use, need someone to guard, do not let children play alone, to avoid danger;

☑️ The use of this 4-in-1 portable car vacuum cleaner cannot be around alcohol and other combustible materials. When using the filter must be installed. Dc12v power plug into a car cigarette lighter. When using the power switch on the vacuum cleaner handle to the on position, the power switch is in the off position when not in use.

☑️ Using a wide space where a wide mouth and a narrow space where the use of a straight mouth, sucks dust from under the seat also needs to put the hose in order to increase the length. Keep the bag clean, clean.

🛵🛵🛵delivery: within Nairobi & outside Nairobi (countrywide).



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