Bathroom Grab Bars.

KSh 2,850.00

Available in 30cms & 50cms.

Commonly installed areas include:

  • Shower area.
  • Near toilet bowl.
  • Near the entrance of the bathroom.


☑️ Bathroom grab bars /rails are commonly installed in toilets & bathrooms to provide support for the elderly or those requiring the use of mobility devices in order to minimize the possibility of slips and falls.

☑️ As water tends to make surfaces wet, having grab bars/rails securely mounted in various parts of the shower will allow users to have more stability as they would have support to hold onto while accessing different areas of the bathroom.

☑️ Bathroom grab bars/rails come in various different lengths that would suit different
grab bars can be installed in most locations with tiles/concrete that can best prevent slips and falls.

☑️ The grab rail bars height, location, and position of the bars are all customizable to suit the needs of the user. Some are placed near the shower area to provide a stable surface for users to hold onto while showering.

🛵🛵🛵delivery: within Nairobi & outside Nairobi (countrywide).



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