Biohazard safety box

KSh 2,850.00


Biohazard safety box for used syringe and needles disposal.

Material type: hardboard

the thickness of the wall: 1.1mm

capacity: 5l, 7l ,15l & 20l.

The syringe and needle medical safety box is simple, cheap, and practical.
The sharps safety boxes (usually made of cardboard) are used to dispose of needles and syringes typically during immunization campaigns. the main idea is to be able to dispose of the entire device without further manipulations.

once 3/4 full, the box should be properly closed (sealed).

Elimination is usually done by incineration.

The box should be as impermeable as possible so that it safely retains not only sharps but also any residual liquids from syringes, etc.

Make sure these containers are properly marked.
-make sure the container once sealed cannot be easily opened.

☎☎☎ contacts: 0719409924.

🛵🛵🛵 delivery: within Nairobi & countrywide.


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