Full body safety harness tool fall protections internal shock absorbing lanyard

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☑️ full body harness kit applied to construction, roofing, camping, window cleaning, surveyor, etc. Our safety harness provides the highest level of safety and the utmost comfort with technologically advanced hardware, soft yet extremely durable anti-absorbent webbing, strategically placed padding, and protective elements that prolong the service life of the harness.

☑️energy connectors and absorption system: all fall protection lifelines are fitted with connectors and an energy absorption system. The system consists of polyamide webbing, with a transparent pvc containment shell and protection (not to be removed), for easy inspection purposes.

☑️the additional length of the anchorage connector or sag from the lifeline must be taken into consideration during the clearance calculation process. Never attach the unused leg of the lanyard back to the full body harness at any location other than an approved lanyard storage keeper. From factory:

☑️shock absorbing lanyards are fully featured internal shock-absorbing lanyards that are 6 feet in length to keep the user unencumbered by their own fall protection gear and, to minimize entanglement with equipment while the lanyard is attached to the user’s back D-ring.

☑️safe and guaranteed; 180g/6.34oz lightweight; 2.4″ width, 4.33″ height, compact for good handling, easy one-hand manipulation; 3/5-in wide gate opening, good for connection and consolidation of ropes/gears/devices; spring loaded gate for the easy clip.

☑️great size: correct fit is essential for proper performance. Our 5-point full-body harness is a good general-purpose safety harness for men and women. Waist size: 80-140cm(31.49inch-55.12inch) leg size: 60-75cm(23.62inch-29.53inch.

☑️application :
great for use in construction, demolition, climbing, welding, roofing, camping, emergency, first responder, landscaping, paving, police, railroad, sanitation, security, surveyor.

☎☎☎ contacts: 0719409924.

🛵🛵🛵delivery: within Nairobi & countrywide.


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