Needle Destroyer Both Thin And Thicker Needles

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Needle Destroyer Both Thin And Thicker Needles

power: ac 220v±10%

melting method: melt with low pressure, high temperature

working noise:≤50 db electrode chip superheating protection

temperature: 85℃

product features
prohibited to reverse the device.
Do not put any non-syringe objects into the hole.
Squeeze the residual liquid out of syringe.
It is normal to have electric spark while melting needle.
Easy to operate, taking only 1-2 seconds to melt needle easily.

Needle destroyers minimize the occurrence of accidental needle-sticks.
It has the overheat protection function to protect machine work normally while melting the needle.
There is a tap hole at the bottom, under which there is a rubbish drawer to collect waste residue.

Application: this device is mainly designed for destroying the needle as well as acupuncture needle and other micro-needles.


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