The Kendrick Extrication Device


The Kendrick Extrication Device, or KED, is a medical tool designed to safely immobilize and extricate individuals who have experienced trauma, especially in situations like car accidents. It’s a device commonly used by emergency responders such as paramedics and firefighters.

Key Features:

  1. Immobilization: The KED is designed to restrict movement of the head, neck, and spine, which is crucial in situations where there’s a risk of spinal injury. It provides support and stabilization during the extrication process.
  2. Straps and Padding: The device consists of straps and padding that secure the patient’s torso, pelvis, and head in a neutral position. This minimizes the potential for further injury during the movement of the patient.
  3. Versatility: The KED is adaptable to various body sizes, making it a versatile tool for emergency responders. It can be adjusted to fit different patients comfortably.

Why it’s Important:

  1. Spinal Protection: In cases of trauma, there’s a high risk of spinal injuries. The KED helps to minimize movement, reducing the chance of exacerbating such injuries during extrication.
  2. Safe Extrication: During the rescue process, especially in vehicle accidents, improper movement can worsen injuries. The KED ensures a controlled and safe extraction of the patient from the scene.

Example: Imagine someone involved in a car crash. There’s a possibility of neck or spine injury. Emergency responders would use the Kendrick Extrication Device to carefully immobilize the person, securing their head, neck, and spine. This not only prevents further harm during the rescue but also ensures the individual receives proper medical attention without aggravating potential injuries.


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