Thermal fogger machine.

KSh 55,000.00

Weight: about 8.5 kg
machine size: 114 * 24 “33 (cm)
water tank: 16 liters
fuel tank capacity: 2 liters
fuel consumption: one box of oil and three barrels of potion
water mist distance: 8-10 meters (under light wind)
smoke distance: 20-50 meters (under breeze)
fuel: 92 # or above pure gasoline
spray volume: 90 l / h
ignition power
supply: 12v rechargeable battery.


This presents a versatile thermal fogger that assists to disinfect your interior and exterior spaces such as office floor, lawn, or garden quickly & easily with the choice of your chosen disinfectant, all thanks to its high working efficiency & large spraying range.

The thermal fogging machine relies on heat to transform liquid insecticide into fog or smoke for maintaining a disease-free environment in residential, commercial & farming applications.

It is ideal for pest control where active substances need to be uniformly sprayed in or around inaccessible places, without leaving any undesirable residues.

The thermal fogging machine is also great for treating fairly large spaces or areas using the least amount of solution. Which means significantly less operational work and very little harm to the environment.

high working efficiency, high killing rate & large spraying range. Strong penetration and high safety factor. All around working without power off and reliable. High-efficiency saving & good diffusibility.

Lightweight and easy operation. Large spraying area and long distance. The application area is suitable for hotels, residential properties, garbage dump, containers and warehouses, stations, automobiles, and aircraft.

Thermal foggers are mainly used in pest control and fumigation control of public places such as houses, restaurants, shops, warehouses, school communities, hospitals, etc. And is widely used in health and epidemic prevention departments, military bases, and vegetable greenhouses. It can quickly kill outdoor gardens, insects, mosquitoes, etc. To eliminate epidemic prevention operations.

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🛵🛵🛵delivery: within Nairobi and county-wide.


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