Universal 3-point retractable car safety seat belts lap

KSh 1,700.00

ribbon material: polyester material.

Length 2.6 m.

Color: black.



Universal 3-point retractable car safety seat belts lap/ safety belt seatbelts for auto cars with curved rigid buckle

three-point automatic seat belts when the car encountered an unexpected emergency braking,
seatbelt restraint can occupants in their seats, to prevent secondary collisions,
reduce the degree of harm to occupants.
Each vehicle should be equipped with seat belts, automatic easier.

heavy-duty nylon straps
fully adjustable hardware with quick-release camlock
extra long adjustable straps for better fit any size driver
provide added safety in driving, by being firmly secured in the seat

product function:

● intercepted passengers and passengers force longer hours, be dispersed by force the moment;
● the occupant restraint in a certain space, reduce the likelihood of passenger-car collision by other means;
● only in an emergency locking seat belt, bound passenger movement to protect the safety of passengers.
Without prejudice to the passenger’s normal physical freedom.

How to use:

● department of law: the seat belt and slowly pulled out, do not make twist strength,
it will buckle to hear the sound of “click”
● abstract method: using the left-hand seat belt buckle with a right hand to press it off.
Left hand slowly to return.

Installation models: automatic seat belts installed in the driver’s seat, and
applicable car-loaded trucks, buses, buses, and large trailer top models.

Package included:
1 x 3-point seat belt lap & buckle.

☎☎☎ contacts: 0719409924.

🛵🛵🛵delivery: within Nairobi & countrywide


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