Electric Blanket

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100% Polyester



EASY-TO-USE – Electric blanket with digital controller and LED screen with backlit blue display for easy viewing at night

DUAL ZONE CONTROL – Includes 2 controllers for independent control on each side of the bed

12 HEAT SETTINGS – Customized control with 12 heat settings allows you to select your ideal warmth preference level

12-HOUR SELECTABLE AUTO SHUT-OFF – Rest easy knowing this blanket has a 1 to 12-hour selectable automatic shut-off timer built-in for added peace of mind

SNUGGLE UP – 90 x 84″ Queen size blanket ideal for layering and pre-heating bed sheets on chilly nights

COZY WARMTH – Soft, rich and cozy royal luxe microplush fabric for added warmth and comfort, 100% high-quality polyester

MACHINE WASHABLE – When ready to clean, simply detach controller from the blanket and place in washing machine for easy cleaning

Why it’s Beneficial:

  1. Warmth Control: Electric blankets are great for cold nights or chilly seasons. You have control over the warmth, providing personalized comfort.
  2. Energy Efficiency: They can be more energy-efficient than turning up the thermostat for the whole room, as they directly warm you.

Safety Tips:

  1. Follow Instructions: Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use and care.
  2. Avoid Wrinkles: Smooth out the blanket before use to prevent overheating.
  3. Turn it Off: Don’t forget to turn off the electric blanket when not in use.


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