Pyramid Glass Tube Patio Heater

KSh 65,000.00

42000 BTU pyramid flame heater for outdoor use

stainless steel

tall freestanding floor outside heater

Color: silver

Uses standard 20 lb propane tank that lasts between 8-10 hrs.



The Pyramid Glass Tube Patio Heater is a stylish and efficient outdoor heating solution. Imagine it like a tall, sleek tower with a glass tube in the center that produces heat. Here’s why it’s a popular choice for outdoor spaces:

  1. Design and Aesthetics:
    • The pyramid shape adds a touch of elegance to your outdoor area.
    • The glass tube allows you to see the flames, creating a visually appealing and cozy atmosphere.
  2. Heating Mechanism:
    • Uses propane or natural gas as fuel to produce heat.
    • The flames heat the glass tube, and the tube then radiates warmth to the surrounding area.
  3. Benefits:
    • 360-Degree Heating: The pyramid shape ensures that heat is distributed in all directions, providing warmth to a larger area.
    • Visual Appeal: The visible flames inside the glass tube not only provide heat but also create a captivating ambiance.
    • Outdoor Enjoyment: Extends the usability of your outdoor space into cooler evenings or seasons.
  4. Why It Matters:
    • Comfort: Keeps you and your guests warm, allowing you to enjoy outdoor activities even when it’s chilly.
    • Entertainment: Perfect for gatherings, parties, or simply relaxing outdoors.
  5. Safety Features:
    • Typically equipped with safety shut-off mechanisms to prevent accidents.
    • Some models have a tip-over switch, turning off the heater if it accidentally falls.

Remember, it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for safe use and maintenance.


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